Vision and Mission

Most (high performance) horses are still on a traditional diet today. Their nutrition consists of feeds that are based on traditional views and ingredients. Many horses suffer from health issues which keeps them from performing at their best. It is HorSeMolen’s mission is to supply a higher quality horse feed, but also to develop and produce supplements, which together will form an optimal nutritional diet for each horse based on individual assessment. This way, any horse can achieve optimal health and a good condition which results in better performances.

HorSeMolen’s mission is to improve the performances of (top) sport horses.

Working Method

HorSeMolen is specialised in innovative and quality horse feeds and supplements. In order to allow these feeds to reach optimal effects, we start off with an analysis of a horse’s well-being. Based on this analysis it is possible to adjust the feeding schedule and nutritional diet (feed & supplements) which best suits the horse. We also look at a horse’s training and education and whether a horse’s focus is on sports-, top sports, or peak performances.
Due to an optimal feed and feed management, it is achievable to vastly improve a horse’s condition, wellbeing, and performance when using HorSeMolen products.

Our feeds and supplements are based on years of scientific research at various national and international specialised universities. This expertise is the basis for any composition of our feed products. The latest high-quality raw materials such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and probiotics ensure optimal intestinal health in horses.
HorSeMolen, with its diverse range of compounds in horse feed products, offers a customized solution to each situation. This balanced approach offers the right diet for every horse, provides good health, a better condition, and less chance of injury.
Already, various top stables in Europe have achieved astounding results using our feed products.

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Why HorSeMolen

Every horse has the right to be in optimal condition. A right to optimal care. Especially, those horses that have to deliver peak performances and have to be able to meet high demands, deserve optimal coaching. A horse that feels fit and content will deliver its best performances. At HorSeMolen we believe that we can improve each horse’s performance with good nutritional management and the right products and supplements.


Director and founder of HorSeMolen; Ralf van Orsouw has over twenty years of experience as a nutritionist. He has combined his knowledge of both human- and animal nutrition with his knowledge of equestrian digestion and nutrition. Through knowing how and where a horse absorbs its nutrients and knowing how a horse uses them during normal and intense work, he has been able to formulate the best horse feeds and supplements to assist horses in improving their wellbeing and their performances.