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Every discipline, every level, every horse has its own nutritional needs. A horse’s starting condition is an important basis for the correct method of feeding and feed management.

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This abbreviation stands for HorSeMolen Innovation Products. Hip is a special formula consisting of new ingredients which benefit horses’ health and performance. HorSeMolen is continuously searching for new applications when it comes to optimizing horse feeds and supplements. We look at its applications internationally and in non-equestrian sectors as well. There have been more investments into international research in industrial and nutritional areas. By utilising, applying and implementing this expertise within the equestrian field, HorSeMolen horse feeds continue to be a frontrunner. The HorSeMolen logo behind our products shows that this special formula is included.

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Q-Line Condition

For horses that provide light to medium performance
Quality horse cube. For hooves and coat. Efficient due to low dosage.

The Q-Line Condition is a general maintenance and condition cube for light to medium performances. The cube contains, in addition to sufficient energy, all the necessary vitamins, minerals and trace elements for achieving a perfect condition. Do you have a new horse and are you unsure as to what they need, or are you starting to train a young horse, then Q-Line Condition is the right way to start.
The low level of protein is less taxing on the kidneys. Please note, Q-Line Condition was not formulated with optimal muscle development in mind. Instead, the increased level of Biotin in Q-Line Condition ensures healthy hooves and a shiny coat. The choice of ingredients exists of, as do all the Q -Line feeds, high quality ingredients. This promotes optimal digestion and a healthy digestive tract.

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What you will notice:

Your horse remains in good condition and keeps its shiny coat.
Easily dosed energy which is beneficial to you as you work
If your horse’s condition had lessened you will soon see a quick recovery
If your horse’s coat is in poor condition it will soon shine again.
Your horse will receive a boost to its immune system and will feel good.
Your horse may urinate more during the first few days of this change in nutrition.

Q-Line Season Change

Improves Condition during shedding.

HorSeMolen’s newest development: Season Change is a horse cube that has been developed to better horses’ condition and coats during seasonal change.
HorSeMolen Season Change has been developed in order to prepare horses for the changing of the seasons, the change from grazing outside to inside and vice versa, and to make sure they do not relapse. The horse needs to undergo a transition in energy and nutrient absorption. HorSeMolen’s Season Change best prepares a horse for these changes through differing quantities of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements and to adapt its chosen ingredients. The energy in this cube has been lowered as well. Furthermore, HorSeMolen’s Season Change contains additional bicarbonate.

Feed Advice: Add HorSeMolen Season Change to the regular feed.
Exchange 50 % of the regular feed with Q-line HorSeMolen Season Change for a period of four weeks. To better improve the condition, exchange 100%, with a maximum of 4 kg per horse per day for a period of four to eight weeks..
• Energy: The energy is kept low when the horses are stabled
• Additional Fat: Fat has a positive effect on the coat and offers controllable energy.
• Additional Vitamin E: Horses cannot absorb vitamins from the grass in the pastures.
• Sodium Bicarbonate, produces a positive effect in PH levels in the body
• Detox, in support of the liver.
• Molecular highly absorbable proteins for the coat.

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Q-Line Top

For Top Performances
High Quality Ingredients. Optimal Energy Balance. High quality vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Formulated and optimized without oats.

Q-line Top is a high-quality feed that is not low on protein and is, therefore, especially suited for active sport horses. Proteins and fatty acids that are easily digested, absorbed, and utilised are crucial. The high-quality cereals that are present provide good sources of energy. A major issue is often muscle acidification. However, Q-line feeds contain natural antioxidants which counteract such lactic acid formation. Intestinal health is paramount and provides a foundation for good results. In addition to using a specific selection of high-quality raw materials, the Q-line feeds have been optimally formulated. This means that the choice has been made to use raw materials that are stable and of high-quality and which hold little to no additives (no added flavour). This creates a constant nutritional supply for your horses. Q-line Top is rich in vitamins and also uses easily digestible and absorbable Vitamin E, Selenium, and Magnesium. All these products, in combination with the essential amino acids (proteins), result in top performances and a quick recovery after any physical exertion.

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Q-Line Top Plus

For top performances

HorSeMolen Q-line Top Plus is a high quality feed that is relatively high in protein but is not too taxing. It is necessary for active sport horses to digest enough proteins to balance and to keep their muscle mass and muscle condition on the right level. The presence of high quality grains and fats regulates sufficient activity within the stomach-intestine tract.

Sport horses often experience lactate formation. HorSeMolen combines natural antioxidants with vitamin E. Studies have shown that Grainwise Aleurone has a strong antioxidant potency. Therefore, we have a unique horse feed to counteract muscle acidification.
HorSeMolen Q-line Top Plus is a horse feed that brings horses to top condition and lowers the percentage of bodyfat. It is low in sugar and allows the feed to be optimally absorbed, which will result in healthier, more flexible horses.

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Q-Line Top Easy

For a Calmer Horse

Q-line Top Easy, a cube for horses that are high in blood pressure, have an abundance of energy, and suffer from (inner) stress. Q-line Top Easy is a specially formulated horse feed with a lower energy level. The ingredients Magnesium and L-tryptophan provide a better circulation of nerve system signals. This results in a more relaxed horse.
Another advantage of Q-line Top Easy is that horses stay on weight more easily and absorb plenty of proteins. This provides good support to the muscles. The protein in Q line Top Easy is pre-processed in order to stop the protein from having a taxing effect on the horse. Additionally, Q-line Top Easy contains the special HorSeMolen Innovative Product ingredients.

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Q-Line Senior Plus

For older sport horses
The veteran sport horse have often retired from a long, demanding, and intense career. HorSeMolen Q-line Senior Plus ensures that the horse can optimally enjoy the rest of its days carefree. HorSeMolen has formulated a complete feed which uses very high quality ingredients and additives that are regularly only available as supplements. HorSeMolen Q-Line Senior Plus contains: MSM, chondroitin, and Collagen, which provides good lubrication of the joints. Q-Line Senior Plus contains sufficient protein to keep the muscles in pristine condition. The Q-Line Senior Plus can easily be combined with Q-Line Top Fiber. The Q-Line Top Fiber is a source rich in fiber which horses need when their set of teeth can no longer process roughage (hay). The Q-Line Top Fiber then replaces the fodder.
Roughage (fiber) is still the most important feed for a horse as it ensures a good digestion and energy production and, therefore, cannot be left out of daily nutrition.

Q-Line Top Fiber

Cube rich in fiber
Q Line top fiber is a horse cube rich in fiber, immunostimulating products (probiotics) and a natural source of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. This composition makes this cube ideal for horses with colic, insulin resistance, laminitis, Cushing or dental problems. This cube is very low in energy which ensures optimal rehabilitation. The Q-Line Top Fiber can easily be combined with the other Q -Line feeds, and can be a part of the roughage (hay). Fiber (cellulose) is what the horse relies on, its engine so to speak, and creates a good healthy gastro-intestinal function.
All Q -Line feeds are low in sugar, but have a relatively high protein level. We do this to keep the horses in good condition.

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Q-Line Endurance

For competition horses doing hard work or intense training long-term
Constant source of energy. Optimal electrolyte balance. Natural antioxidant source.

Q-Line Endurance is a cube for competition horses that have to provide long-term efforts. Because these horses must deliver continuous effort, they not only get their energy from grains, but they also need long-term energy sources, such as vegetable fats, fatty acids, that can, for instance, be found in raw fibers. In addition, there is a good feeding strategy that will enable the horses to be able to use the buffer in their body. During a competition, horses lose many electrolytes (essential minerals) through sweat due to their prolonged and intensive efforts and training and this should be compensated.

Q-Line endurance ensures that the horse starts off with sufficient reserves of electrolytes needed for a competition. This horse feed contains a high fat content necessary to support a continued reliance on the energy reserves stored in the muscle cells (glycogen). In addition, an additional balanced mixture of fatty acids provide an extra energy boost. That is to say, that more energy continues to be released at the end of the effort. The sophisticated composition of vitamin E and selenium and other natural resources (antioxidants ) provide a good recovery.

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Q-Line Racing

For speed and endurance
Pure energy sources. Quick healing ability of the muscles. Optimal electrolyte balance. Rich in natural fats.

Optimally formulated horse feed for horses in harness racing and horse racing who have to consecutively give their best performance during a competition, which means hard work and exertion.
Q-Line Racing contributes to a quick recovery after exertion. Heart rate reduction after exertion and when at rest are important features as well. The metabolites for the antioxidant activity are unique and doping free.

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Q-Line Breed Plus

For Mares and Foals

High-quality proteins
Optimal calcium phosphorus ratio
Mares have no trouble staying on the right weight

Q-line Breed is a high-quality cube that provides both mare and foal with vital nutrients.
Mares that are carrying and lactating have a greater need for proteins and energy, especially in the last two to three months of gestation it is vital that the mare digests high-quality protein energy cubes. Even during the breeding period it is vital that the mare is given a high quality protein feed. Other essentials are the amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. Bone minerals like calcium phosphorus and magnesium as well as trace elements can help to prevent OCD’s. It is also important not to start providing a high-quality protein cube too early since fattening a mare can have a negative impact on birth and lactic acid production. Two months after a foal’s birth, the mare has reached a peak in lactate formation. After six months the production of milk will diminish to 30-40%.
The foals that are on Q-line Breed as well grow more evenly, partly because the mare remains in good condition by being on Q-line Breed.

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Q-Line Junior

For the young foal

Calm Growth. Limited OCD. Healthy intestines.
Q-Line Junior is a horse feed that ensures a regular not too speedy growth using selected resources. HorSeMolen understands the importance of even and calm growth of bones. The trace elements as well, help growth and prevent OCD’s which is crucial during the first year. Many issues in later stages of life are caused by bad and interrupted intestine quality. Q-line junior, therefore, has two unique components that look to limit this.

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